The Multiplier's Mindset

Thinking Differently About Discipleship

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The Multiplier's Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship

Cynthia's New Book!

God Wants to Unleash Us into Fruitful Disciple-Making Beyond Our Wildest Dreams!

What if passionate Jesus followers began to multiply rapidly until thousands of lives and families were transformed?

Imagine those you’ve invested in, sharing Jesus freely, making their own disciples, and then training them until they too can disciples others!


Cynthia is an experienced cross-cultural minister with three decades of experience in global leadership, church planting, and catalyzing disciple-making movements. After a process of change, she and her colleagues launched nineteen multiplying movements in Africa and Asia leading to tens of thousands of transformed lives.


In The Multiplier’s Mindset, Cynthia demonstrates how shifting mindsets about discipleship dramatically alters the outcome of disciple-making efforts. 


This book will help you:

  • Discover hidden harvesters (those you never considered part of the picture)
  • Move church members from passivity to passion
  • Release the power of simplicity in reproducing disciples

Get unstuck and start moving toward greater fruitfulness. Pick up a copy today! 

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Discover the joy of living faithful, fruitful & fulfilled.

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The newly released Dare to Multiply Podcast helps passionate Jesus followers become courageous, obedient, and fruitful disciples who impact their communities. It’s hosted by, yours truly, Cynthia Anderson, a disciple multiplication coach, and trainer who’s lived and worked in Asia, Africa, and the USA, making disciples and catalyzing movements of disciples for the past 30 years. If you are longing to grow in your understanding of how to make and multiply disciples in your own community, this show will provide encouragement, inspiration, super practical insights, and examples of how to move forward toward becoming a disciple who shares God’s Kingdom love in ways you hardly dreamed possible.

Available on all major podcast apps.


Need a Boost of Faith?

Anderson's first book, co-authored with YWAM Frontier Missions leader Kevin Sutter, is just what you need! This 30-day devotional is packed with scripture, and stories, that will inspire you to believe God for more.

Missions, evangelism, disciple-making and church planting can be difficult. Progress is often slow. Breakthroughs seem distant. We need help to keep going, to press into God and see those mountains move! This devotional will kick start your faith for a movement of disciples among the unreached.